Monday, November 01, 2004

Party Party Party

I must admit even though I'm on a remote tropical island, the social life has been a bit hectic. It began with a party for the Hot Rock Engineers, a social club of the local engineers at this mine. It was held done on the shores of beautiful Luis Harbour, which takes its name from the very competent french explorer and mathematician Louis Bougainville.

Available light Photo out over Luis Harbour Party at Haus Win

A Posed Shoot of the Boys Boat Race

Saturday I was entertained by a great sing sing session. Individually the singing sounds completely out of key but in a group the harmonies are unbelievable and even the guys sing with a great passion.

Sing Sing Sing Sing

Then came Halloween. Unlike the USA, Australia and PNG haven't really ever been much into Halloween. But a group of local kids has made the effort to scare me, and at least a few others! They seemed to have had a bit of fun.

Trick or Treaters Sneeking into the grown ups party

The grown ups had used the occasion to dress up and dance. Any excuse is a good excuse to party when you are so remote.

Halloween Costumes Halloween Costumes

Avaible Light with Fill Flash The Band plays on

I don't much care for the small built in flash on my camera as it tends to produce harsh and uncomplimentary lighting. However it certainly got a strong work out over the weekend. I also had a bit of fun experimenting with using the flash and the night scene (time exposure) settings together, which is how I got the ghostly girls and squiggly coloured light traces.
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