Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Photo Project: Same Place, Different Times

A really interesting little photo project, first suggested to me by my wife, is to go and photograph something you look at frequently at different times and therefore under different lighting conditions, and possibly even different season.
Interesting Clouds Late Afternoon
At Dusk Sunset
These photos are a view from the balcony of my temporary Lodgings, it is not the best view from that balcony. It is truely the same view, you can se the same microwave arial in all if you look for it. I started taking photo to capture interesting skys, the clouds and the colours. It is a good demostration of how much difference the atmospheric conditions and the time of day can make. You should also test out the theory of the "Golden Hour", which is supposed the hour after sunrise. I find the golden hour is longer and also occurs late in the afternoon, but it also depends on your latitude and the weather, Don't stop taking your test photos on an over cast day or even at night!
After Dark(using Night Scene Mode)
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