Saturday, November 24, 2018

Yet another subscription “offer”

It has taken me a little while to get OneDrive setup on my “rebuilt” Window 10 Desktop, and guess what? Yet another advert for a subscription to office 365!

I had previously found the way OneDrive current works, made it suitable for an online archive of my better photos (well until both the computer I had it installed on  effectively died).


Of course Not now. Microsoft still allow free OneDrive access and as I have used OneDrive for a long time, rememeber windows Live? so I have 15GB of Storage rather than the 5GB you get if you set up an account now. {thinking to myself I wonder how long free cloud access/storage is going to last}

BTW The photos were always safe in the cloud, it was just complex to access them via the web.

Am I the only one to think the cloud, all these interconnected apps and lots of individual subscriptions are making things more complicated to get even simple task complete.

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