Monday, May 28, 2018

This initially looked promising BUT…

imageI got one of those annoying messages/notifications over the top my chrome browser this morning, but it struck a nerve because I had been looking at the mess that confronts me in google photos (ok not everywhere the older stuff I uploaded from picasa in albums s still there and nicely organized). Glear the clutter, so google is acknowledging it! Thus I clicked on the link and guess what he assistant only wants to clear documents and screen captures BUT imagethey were block post I don’t want them archive (whatever that means because I could find anything to explain what such an archive was?). I’m getting more convinced that google’s “I’m feeling lucky” approach has morphed into “trust us with your precious data, photos, … life” we know better (aka we can play with anonymous AI and algorithms with all that is yours just share more…) Maybe that's a bit dramatic but google, and specifically google photos have totally lost my trust.

Ok I’ll go to back picasa and just upload selected photos or albums like I used to. Hang on I can’t upload, download or even email from picasa anymore. Basically I cannot successfully log into to my google account either within picasa or gmail running under picasa. That really sucks. I can’t find anything on-line other than a lot of complaints and the misguided imagerecommendation to use google photos BUT there is actually no off-line to way to use google photos, its only browser or smart phone based. Its reluctantly back to the vacuum cleaner idea and upload everything to the cloud.

Then to really annoy me, I got the popup to updated my backup and sync. Hmm its not working properly anyway perhaps I need to do that. Well guess what!!! … it wouldn’t update. Technical foul play google your disqualified from the game.


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