Sunday, May 20, 2018

Archive Obsession Three :: Building a Cloud Archive

cloud, images iconThere are a multiplicity of clouds services offered at the moment. It’s a bit scary because it would take ages to properly access them now. So this is a relatively incomplete list, but it is enough to get me started.

  • Free “generic” Cloud Service
    • Drop Box
    • Google Drive
    • One Drive
  • Photo Focused Services
    • Google Photo (its free and uses Google Drive)
    • Flickr (it can be free)
    • Smug Mug (starts at $3/month)
    • Adobe/Creative Cloud (starts at $/10)
  • DYI Cloud Backup/Archiving
    • Back Blaze
    • Carbonite
    • Amazon S3, Glacier

It’s a no brainer to start with a test of the concept on the free services, especial as I already have experience work with all three. Not as a backup oriented services but I have used Drop Box as a way to automatically off load photos from my phone and also exchange big data sets with co-workers, when email struggles to handle the large files. Google Drive I use for blogger photos and as a cloud place to store training material and key documents while I was travelling. One Drive has a bit of a checked history (mainly because Microsoft was changing things a lot for a while there), the service looks nice and stable now.

The last two tiers I will probably leave to evaluate till much later down the track. I need to get comfy with the services I know how to use.

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So beginning today I’m building cloud archive on all three Dropbox. Google Drive & OneDrive. I’ll let you know in a month or so which, if any suits by archiving requirements

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