Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russian Roulette with the forest

_MG_8376One of a few problems I soon discovered trying to get decent photos from the train, is to do with a clear view. The Canadian train travels up into the Rockies along deep river ravines and there are lots or trees, which get taller and taller. The train only travels up the steep railway at 45 mph, which is slower than normal car travel. However it is still fast enough they trees beside the tracks just flash past.


So I quickly found there was an anticipation game, when to snap the photo. Its harder than you might think, and I have quiet a set of blurred trees. But once in a while the mountain will be nicely framed between the tree.

  #208_IGP9941-rocky mountain high

(Hint: I used a higher ISO than usual so that the shutter speed was faster and more likely to freeze reasonably close trees)

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