Monday, July 11, 2016

Art Inspired :: Finding Faces in Texture

The face of dispairThis is a gumtree truck bleeding gum. Perhaps from burrowing insect damage or cracks sustained in strong winds. It suggests a face perhaps not a happy one a disdaining haughty look.


So I sketched some lines and used them as my training filter in dreamscope (second image below) but this was a bit weak so I used that image as another training for another dreamscope and then another generation each modifying the photo with a deeper and deeper filter.


Finally I took the results into Nik’s Colour Efx Pro to bring out the abstract, just a suspicion of a face but perhaps a little more contorted now a spirit in the shadows or just a trick of the light.  Squiggles & colours that suggest tone and form.


Abstraction from a close up on reality

 face0002final (2) copyface0001final (1) copy

final (1) copy

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.

Niels Bohr

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