Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How many ways are there to Photograph a totem pole?

_IGP7462Here in British Columbia there are a lot of totem poles, some massively tall ones. The challenge is how to photograph them, without ending up with a lot of photos that just look the same. Here are a few attempts. Stand right back and use a zoom, get up close and use a wide angle view, get up take and take a detail shot, add people for scale,  include its shadow, use the “dutch tilt” or look straight up. I’ve even gone for the collage look.


Sometimes you need to take that obvious snap shot.

Sometimes it pays to explore a few other angles and views to get something extra and perhaps more interesting.


_IGP7459‘  _IGP7469  _IGP7983

_IGP8071  _IGP8076  _IGP8077

_IGP8532 _IGP8613 2016-07-20

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