Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Getting my work into VR space

I have been diligently posting a parallel set of images in Instagram, to my daily photography (366 project) currently about colour just incase you hadn't noticed the current theme. My initial impression of Instagram is ho-hum, why bother, all the hype about the in-place for photographers and  community feel at first appears hollow. I was there in the early days of flickr and it offered so much more a decade ago. Heck there isn’t even a groups or circles facility in Instagram! Everything is eclipse by celebrity, or the desire to be one a game of likes, follows and followers


Instamuseum for @Apimageo by imageo on Sketchfab


However it is the instagramers themselves that have worked out ways to share amongst themselves and the wider worlds. This is partly due to instragam’s api which allows outbound sharing. It does not however allow a third party to post photos into instagram and apparently are unlikely to. So I must write it off as a potential POSSE tool (other than being the original place to post, albeit a very fundamental and bare place).


I have been working on 3D photography and joined sketckfab as a way to display the 3d works. So I was pleased to find this great little app call instagramuseum, a nice way to get my colour themed Instagram photos on a display on a Wall  (virtual wall at least). Click on the blank white box in the image above and take a virtual tour.


For those with VC gear, click on the small awkward goggl-ish icon.

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