Saturday, June 11, 2016

RIP, WIP on Behance

I’m starting to fear “special” emails from social media style service I use with wording like “Moving forward”, “We encourage you to change …” because that probably means they are cancelling something.

This week’s email was from Behance, now owned by Adobe. They will be discontinuing their WIP Work in progress feature from June 27 2016. This is not exactly a big deal I bet not so many artist even know about this and fewer use it. Basically it is just a place  to show your work as it evolves and things updated in the WIP section would be updated on discovery, activity feeds and your profile.This helped others, particular your followers & those all important collectors understand your provenance, the story behind your work. Behance has always had Projects (more placed people stored their finished works) but I’ll let Behance’s email describe why the need to change.
In fact, we’ve found that projects which showcase the creative process actually get more exposure than content posted using the WIP feature specifically. This is one reason we’ve decided to phase this feature out. Our mission at Behance is to help you get the exposure you deserve, and we believe that this transition away from the WIP feature will help you get the most visibility possible for what you create.
I suppose I should not be the one to  complain I haven’t updated my Behance projects in a while now.
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