Saturday, May 30, 2015

Opening a Bag of Worms

Photo of compost worms
Trying to get to gripes with the new google photos has opened up a real bag of worms on several fronts.  In trying to post from live writer I had decided to relink to my blog BUT live writer no longer lets me connect  to blogger because it does not recognize my new gmail password (I only changed it a little while ago) I assume that is just another miscommunication between live writer and google authorization. I also can't post to blogger from my phone anymore, with the official google app, well more particularly I can't post any images from there. The real pain came when I tried updating the google photo app. but couldn't update google play services (apparently a memory issue) So after many frustrating hour I had to uninstall many apps and then reinstall them after the play services update. Then, guess what? a lot won't play nicely with google photos anymore either.
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