Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back on-line blues

Perhaps I was premature in blaming all my frustration on poor band width. I have been using microsoft's live writer to prepare blog post for a long time now. it not only allows you time to dveleop, reflect on and refine a post it gives you tools to create a much better layout, particularly when including images. Well I can now see that the weird error message I was getting was not a poor connection but I more serious compatibility issues. So far I have not figured out what it is but clearly live writer and blogger are no longer talking to each other.

In between posting my last post at near midnight in the Singapore Airlines Lounge and arriving back in Melbourne the next morning my on-line photos had "appeared" to move from google+ photo to just google photo. Whilst I investigated this in so detail and collated an offline post. I can't post it!!

So I can still post to blogger via the web interfaces? Yes! but now the duplicate posts as google google+ comments are back.

Not only that my phone has been busy for hours downloading updates to most of the google services I use. I'm back in the land of good access, reasonable band width and I'm pretty much being locked out of the tools I normally use. What are you doing to me google?

All apparently as punishment for happily being off-line for a few days (ok I am kidding)
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