Sunday, May 10, 2015

PhotoEditTools :: Straightening in Lr CC/6

  1. Before I finish the Lr CC trial I feel it is necessary to highlight a nifty little addition to the crop tool. It is the little Auto button over on the right hand side. It does a good job straightening horizons. It also automatically adjust the crop window to just fit the rotated image.
  2. Those with previous versions of Lightroom, or those that like making their own adjustments (and of course when Auto doesn’t work) can use the convention straightening tools within the Crop tool. The simplest approach is the little level icon, you fix it to one point stretch the line to another point and click a second time. Very simple, it makes near horizontal things horizontal and near vertical things perfectly vertical (it does not however fix barrel like distortion from wide angle lenses). Alternatively you can use the slider which tilts the image according to the angle shown on the right of the slider.
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