Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Patch :: Tools & Kitchens

IMGP4990-HDR (1)I have an undeserved reputation of being domestically incompetent, which means I’m not given free rein in the kitchen (aka “Your cooking is nice but you are way too messy”). There is one small section of the kitchen I am allowed to work and that is with my kitchen tool of choice, my beloved coffee machine. She may be showing her age, and she does not use pods but she can be coaxed into making a delicious short black (espresso) and rich and creamy cappuccino.

As usual for the patch I had a good play around with different ways of presenting a perfect portrait of my coffee machine. The winter sunshine, has been streaming in the past couple of morning and showed of her gleaming personality so I experimented with some bracketed sets and HDR. Not bad but they didn’t quiet capture her sullen reliability. Time for another coffee.  About then the water ran low and she began softly flashing the little red warning light. Setting a light bulb of in my mind, remembering the fun of .gif animation. This time I used Corel Photo Paint, and just 4 frames. Two with no red light, one with a full flash and a second with just low half red and reflection. Essentially I now have a still portrait with just a touch of action. the perfect portrait of my beloved coffee maker, the ultimate kitchen tool.

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