Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Gaining the Upper Hand

Google+ autobackup setting dialogueI’ve had a fairly lukewarm relationship with google+ photos, firstly it took over simple and easy to use picasa’s web albums, google then added a numbers of changes that are supposed to wow me but they are at best hit and miss. The most frustrating of which is the so called auto backup. Ok I was never using it as a true back up system (because I can see no reason to do so). So I have now turned off the two default backup sources in the Google+ backup setting (shown on left) and added a new location that is a place I can just load those items I want to upload, perhaps to see if an auto-awesome is possible or what short of auto-enhancement might be possible. I suspect I will not be using it much, in which case I can confidently delete google+ autobackup in a few weeks.


imageThe picasa Even though auto backup does load photos, it doesn’t organize them, (except by the upload data) so you still have to manually move them to albums, one at a time. It is much easier to upload them directly from picasa, into either an existing album or create a new one. you can also set up the sharing as you upload from picasa, (but with the no sharing as a default) rather than having to share after the upload as in google+ autobackup.

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