Saturday, May 10, 2014

What is that watermark about?

API  copyright blackI have started to physically (aka visibly) add a watermark to my photos onloine. Mainly those shared on Flickr, but now any large resolution photos I post. I started doing this when I read that many services where stripping out the metadata, effectively making any downloaded (or screen copied images) into “orphan works”, which under some legislation in different countries (not Australia I believe) means that the images can be freely reused. Most of the things I post on this blog I do allow to be reused under a creative commons licence.  So if you see this watermark on an image you want to use, please contact me, I will probably grant you permission. I know a lot of people don’t like visible watermarks and if that is what puts them off so be it. The real reason I'm posting the watermark here is to ensure that google image indexes this simple design. After going to the trouble of designing a icon style shape that incorporated a stylized camera, the copyright symbol and the letters api (for art and photography @ imageo) I realised this would mean nothing to the majority of people who of course don’t know me or follow this blog. At least by having the watermark graphic indexed and locatable for a reverse image search means that anyone who tries to “steal” or repost these photos without permission are not taking reasonable steps to find the rightful owner. Such miss-appropriation can expect at least a DCMA notice or appropriate legal action of the country concerned.
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