Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Congratulations Scott & Perfect Effects 8 download

Thanks to +Scott Davenport for the heads up on the offer for a free download of OnOne’s Perfect Effect’s 8 (which is part of their perfect photo suite). It will only be for a limited time. You have probably gathered I’m not a fan of zanny presets and wacky/cool/auto fix filters but I do have a few OneOne Presets and Perfect Effects 8, and I use them. (I did run into a weird memory issue using perfect effects in the standalone browser mode, but it was easily fixed). I guess the big difference I noticed was the OnOne stuff can the “stacked”, one effect can be built on another. The Layers in Perfect Effects don’t give you all the layering tools that are in Perfect Layers but they are wonderfully powerful and easy to use (and reuse). As Scott suggests in his video the really wonderful thing about OnOne stuff are the videos and on-line training (available even if you are just using the trial or free downloads). It is Perfect Inspiration.

Also congratulations Scott for his first contribution to perfect inspirations “creating a memory”” (shown below)
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