Monday, May 26, 2014

ThePatch :: Abstract/Curves

Arabic StuccoSome may have noticed I’ve taken more curved things this week. I’ve been looking for more abstract ways (to please other patchers) to photograph curves and in a flat land with few features, curves are not so common. So a bit of extra ingenuity was required. I tried reverse light paintings (had potential), satellite dish shadows (perhaps not abstract enough). wheels and cups, even lollies and arabian stucco (see small tile photo to the left, the paster is spread on and then patterns scratched out as it dries). Countless other things that suggested curves/
LED Lights wrapped around a poleOrnate Window GrillOpen Pit

I ended up opting for some pure colour theory fun. I took three images of smarties (lollies not unlike M&Ms) at different distances to get different size ovaloids. Then I overlayed (multi-exposure in picasa) the three images over a fourth layer, a hand drawn scribble of orange curves on a blue fabric background (ie contrasting colours). Where blue overlays yellow you get green, red over yellow, you get orange. Blue on blue strengthen blue.  I’m sure you know the rest.
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