Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Patch :: towards abstraction in colour

This months theme in the patch is abstract and the weekly sub theme is colours. Seemed like a perfect candidate to get deep into post processing,  Whilst I don’t mind refinement and some enhancing I just feel I need to rebel against overuse of “photoshop trickery” (it isn’t all done in photoshop by the way, there also are a lot of horrid “art” filters on mobile phone apps to blame as well).  Don’t get me wrong the right modification and refinement can completely alter an image and make it come alive, but maybe not for me this week. So I figured to be different I should keep the post processing minimal and go for an unusual take on something familiar.IMGP9840 I enjoyed experimenting with shots taken without a lens and the subtle patterns and gradations of refracted light. This reminded me colour is just light. More specifically how we see certain wave lengths of light. The purest colours are there in any rainbow, just how to capture them. So I tried out a number of common reflected and translucent object with light bouncing off or passing through them. The I came upon an old CD pinned to my studio noticeboard that I had put through a shredder for a unrealized collage project and it showed wonderful rainbow refractions when lit at the right angles. So with the crinkle cut CD on the floor against the window I got out my macro/telephoto 70-300mm lens, opened up the f-stop and zoomed right in.
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