Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Very Late on The Patch project

Despite having great plans for a togetherness series on The Patch I have seen my deadline slip away with lost opportunities, missed commitments and other distractions, suddenly its Tuesday. Hey wait that’s Monday in the USA, which is yesterday here! So maybe just maybe I can make the deadline.
Lightroom & Perfect Effects working together to bring me happiness
I was working away patiently recovering important processed versions of photos from lightroom (definitely not a happy story). I managed to loose a my processing setting and collections of the vast majority of my photos, not sure how yet, but I do have backups in incomplete bits. It looks like most things are there somewhere in the dozen of different backups I have but that some things got lost between the backups (especially what was in collections). I can’t see an automated way to recover things so its down to a slow and piecemeal update of the photos I have starred (can still see these ratings in picasa). At the same time I am occasionally running some images into perfect effects 8, which is another sad story, but it does play nicely with lightroom.
Post processed photo orginally take with my Olympus in 2004
Rather than submit the happy post processed photo of these kids playing in New Guinea (photo above) that I took on my beloved Olympus a decade ago, I figured it would be in the spirit of the patch to post a photos of the two pieces of software working together to bring me happiness (top photo).
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