Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Tern for the Better

I was again running out of options for my patch challenge this week. the hot weather was definitely sapping my creativity not to mention my enthusiasm. Saturday was a scorcher over 40°C and  Sunday was shaping up worse, dangerously hot and windy bushfire conditions, but luckily Venus Bay got a change just after lunch. What's good for us humans was not so kind for the terns. They usually fish solo out to sea a bit, up high against a bright sky and diving very fast. They are a real challenge to capture as a decent photo. The cool change bought equally strong if not stronger onshore winds and the terns were grounded for a while taking shelter from the harsh winds on the beach. They arrived alone or in two and threes flying low and on the beach all turned to face the wind.
IMGP4926-1  IMGP4955-1
One pair came along in perfect synch and I knew as I panned with them there would be a good photo, teamwork where they is normally solitary flight.
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