Saturday, February 15, 2014

Skydrive to OneDrive is it only a name change?

I have been using, and liking the photo storage and sharing of SkyDrive for a long while now. However it has been an On/Off style relationship, DropBox has kind of taken over a lot of the uses I had been using Skydrive for. I was interested to see a little alert email to say SkyDrive will be changing its name To OneDive, so I went to investigate any likely changes. It looks just like a marketing issue to promote the Microsoft’s offerings as “One place for everything in your life” more than anything really new.

Reading between the lines and a few other blog posts I think OneDrive could easily be initially promoted as yet another on-line backup place. They will be offering ways to “earn” extra storage, either through referring friends (like drop box) or using one of their “camera roll backup” apps, which will take all the images from your phone into the OneSky cloud.   These offerings are unlikely to excite early SkyDrive adopters (like me) who already have a massive 25GB of storage, which I understand will not expire. SkyDrive already has some photo organizing features, so I’m interested to see if they can avoid rather than create the on-line mess phenomena.
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