Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More about WiFi and photo uploading

Most keen photographers know about Eye-Fi cards, I haven’t got one but I understand they do the job, are perhaps a bit slow and need extra software and drivers on the receiving computer. Then there is the cost which is between 3 to 8 times the equivalent memory SD card and there are some issues of compatibility. Now there is a competitor, Toshiba has announced a new FlashAir wireless LAN SD card. It works somewhat differently to the standard Eye-Fi approach, when the camera is tuned on it becomes a WiFi hotspot and all you need to download photos (or any files) is a browser. So you can access the photos from a wide range of devices, including smartphones. Looks like it will be a similar price to Eye-Fi for the FlashAir cards here in Australia, This Engadget review view explains more.

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