Friday, April 05, 2013

HDRi in16 bits

the stump bracketted set
This is a bracketed set of a stump that had interesting morning lighting. The normal exposure was fine but I thought this was a good set to try out doing the tone mapping in Lightroom on a 16 bit or 32 bit image after doing the HDR merge in Picturenaut. I tried creating a few versions in Picturenaut. Firstly Lightroom would not recognize the colour profile in the 32bit images (not sure why) but loaded the 16bit images perfectly. However if I exported the base merged image the results where not even close to the results I got if I did some preliminary tone mapping in Picturenaut. The image below is a standard adaptive logarithm tone map that has been tweaked a little in Lightroom. If you look at the tone histogram you can see how well the light distribution has been handled by the extended dynamic range.I just think the photo is now a lot closer to what I remember seeing.THE STUMP1
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