Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Interesting android apps for smartphones with cameras

One interesting, and seeming not often discussed, feature of smartphones with cameras is that you are not really just limited to the capabilities of the camera application it was shipped with. You can easily download and run other apps (applications) that will either replace the camera application altogether, give you different controls or allow you to tweak the photos in phone, Here is a selection of free apps that I have found to be worthwhile downloads.

Alternate Cameras

HDR Camera

Camera Advance Lite

Little Photo

Camera Fun Free
You’ll be amazed at the quality of images you can get out of this. It takes 3 exposures and uses HDRi techniques to extend dynamic range.
The free version has ad banners
This adds some extra features to your camera and has some nice OS (On Screen Aids) to help you take better photos. Simple camera with a timer, and a lots of special effect and edit features It does photo effects as you take the photo, a lot of fun. There is a paid version that give you more effects

In-Phone Photo Editors

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Effects PhotoFunia


Simple easy to use basic editing options, a few special effects from Adobe
(Photoshop & Lightroom folk)
Claims to turn your photos into art with amazing photo effects, similar to Instagram Put your face on billboards, in art galleries, magazines. Lots of Fun. Needs web access The retro finishes and filters are well done and fun. from Autodesk (autocad folk)

I assume a lot of these apps will also be available from the Iphone app store, I have only tested them on an android (2.2.1) phone.

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