Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1+ Google PlusOne Button and should you use it?

You are sure to have noticed the plus one buttons popping up all over the place on the web (and this blog). This is a google initiative to take back a little of the hype from the like button on facebook. It is really a crowd sourcing exercise that will give a little extra ways in which google can refine search results. At the simplest level when you click on the 1+ button you are publically recommended that item across the web.

The real benefit of these 1+ recommendation will be for those in google+, because google then makes your recommendation highly visible to your family and friends and you see theirs recommendations. In other words it is a simple way to share with your circle of friend and things you see that look cool. From a privacy prespective that sharing doesn’t extend out side those your circles.Unlike the facebook like button, which supposedly just puts your likes on your profile, via your news feed, but also less well known is it then acts as if it owns your likes and on-sells them to others such as Bing searches.
Who actually owns and has the right to use what you put on the social web is a really grey area. I would be interested in hearing comments from others on privacy risks and social network tools?
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