Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little but with a Big Bite


For PhotoFriday‘s Topic little

The Australian Bull Ant may look little but it packs a mighty bite and is also very strong (here it is uprooting a dead grass looking for the succulent root). It is widely discussed, (it may be an urban myth) that australian aboriginals still use the bull ant’s powerful nippers as a form of bush suture. The hold the ants so they bite on both side of a deep flesh wound and then break off the body leaving the head firmly attached. A dozen or so ants and you have very satisfactory stitches. (ouch! think I’d rather wait for the flying doctor)

Someone asked me earlier in the week which was my favourite lens and they where surprise when I pointed to my Sigma DL Macro 70-300mm zoom. This was used to take the above photo, I just slide the switch on the barrel to macro and it let me get “close” but at the same time “safely” about 2m away. I have seen a lot of disdain and tut-tuts in some of the camera, press, clubs and podcasts for sigma lens, but I reckon they are good value for money and seem to survive my “field” treatment, ok except the ones with plastic mounts)

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