Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What about Picasa Web Album?

I have previously discussed the new geotagging with google earth feature in the lastest Beta release of picassa, but the feature google are promoting is the new Web Album.

Well Picasa's web page looks (to me) like most other web albums. Ok its free up to a certain storage limit (around 250MB). It is easy to use from with picasa.. Do I sound under whelmed, well yes i was. I had expected a bit more. Perhaps i naively expected something that would automatically updated an album,or two I had on my picasa desktop, that i wouldn't have to push buttons to do everything, upload, organize, share. well they have thought through the button pushing so there aren't many. The sharing with your friend is achieved by sending them a link, and there is a button to help you do that. There is also a neat embed in Blog/Myspace, which gives you a snippet of HTML code to cut and paste into your blog (thats how i got the links below)

Here are a couple of albums, I prepared earlier.
McNaught's Comet


Finally here is a a link to google's user forum on Picasa Web Albums so you can read a few other opinions.
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