Thursday, August 03, 2006

Researching a sunset in photomosaic

I’m back down at the beach and thought I’d do some more research on making big skyscape mosaics. This time I took a few sequences, using my special panorama card, with my Olympus camera, and some free format sequences.

The skyline is simply the sunset from the lower deck of my place, the images runs from slight west of south to almost east. As the sun was setting I didn’t have much time and I didn’t trust the exposure my the light meter was giving, so I took a range of exposures using bracketing using five (EV steps (the same process I had used up in New Guinea). I also took three different approaches when using the Olympus card.  First I just took a normal sequence, letting the camera select the light metering on the first image (this washed out the center exposure, where I actually wanted the best exposure)

Second I took a deliberate first image at the sunset, to get correctly exposed, then moved onto the normal panoramic sequence (this gave good exposure at the centre but I had to “burn” the first image)

The last approach was to aim at the sunset and have press the button to get the camera to focus and take a light meter reading (Achieving much the same as the above but without having to waste the first shot). I have also turned the camera to take a “portrait” orientation so I get a taller (in the vertical) strip.
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