Sunday, August 06, 2006

Now you're just are being ridiculous

I have seen a couple of wild curving photomosaics on flickr so I’d thought I’d investigate making those as well. I took on sequence turning the camera as I went, (moving form a landscape orientation to portrait as I reached a large tree)

My Olympus software just refused to work. Autostitch selected those it could match, ingnoring the rest. Then it blotted its copybook by trying to straighten the horizon (well the image is sort of interesting in a distressing way)

So I had to fall back on my trusty version of Corel Photo, which allows a more manual stitching by identify two matching point of adjacent photos. While I could assemble them but the between image blending doesn’t exit and it is very “Cut & Paste” looking result

I can see there is plenty more to investigate, with free form photo stitching effects
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