Friday, August 18, 2006

The geotagging buzz

The geotagging buzz

There has been a fair amount of discussion on the web and flickr in particular about geotagging, even flickr central is a buzz with rumors. Most of what I read is so amusing, having watched geogagging in flickr grow, mainly from the effort of key geotagging group member.  So I found the average “Joe in USA” complaint, about really needing a GPS in their camera, or cameraphone before they will tackle geotagging sad but it is a just another reflection of the self opinionated “net celebrity” appearing all over blog space I guess

Now there is a bit of diversion on which tools may be used. Will flickr railroad members to use yahoo maps?  Sergey Chernyshev has a nice Google versus Yahoo Maps comparison tool. It really brought home to me, why trying to using Yahoo maps, here in Australia, for locate anything is such a big ask. I’m happy to stay with google earth (via picassa) and google maps (via flickr using the localize bookmark applet)

Using the google versus Yahoo maps comparison this is the most detailed I could get with Yahoo. I’m lucky to guess where I am (since few minor roads are shown on the yahoo map) with a kilometer or two.

Switching over to satellite image, I can zoom in a little.

But Yahoo gives up well before google maps. Even thought the satellite image is starting to pixilated I can still see enough detail to get routinely within 3 meters using google maps/earth.
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