Saturday, August 13, 2016

Such a complex web of Niggles

Whilst I was away my home computers (yes there are a few) where all turned off. When I turned them back on the performance was abysmal. Perhaps it was caused by the anniversary update of windows 10? Perhaps there were a lot of updates that need to be installed and that tied up both band width and computer cycles? Perhaps there are now a few driver issues, perhaps with time things will fix themselves (ok that’s not going to happen!) perhaps, perhaps, perhaps ,,,

Instead I am slowly working through the following glitches, which were not glitches before.
1) Scanner not saving files (required software reinstall but fixed now)
2) Network printer not appearing on most computers (possibly fixed but turning printer on/off several times and reconnection on those machines it was missing)
3) Windows app store (and several app that I use like OneDrive & OneNote) missing on one windows 10 machine.
4) Windows machine continuing looking to restart and update.
5) imageGoogle Chrome frequently crashing on two of the windows 10 machines
6) My Netgear network “mirroring” backup running but not storing files recently updated files.
7) Google Drive has stopped working on all windows 10 machines but works on Vista machines.
8) I have to relog into one drive each time I start a  computer
9) Emptying the recycle bin does not clear all the deleted files on Windows machines?

It is hard to believe that a bit over a month turned off could lead to so many fundamental problems.
Am I missing something?

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