Friday, August 19, 2016

More Nagging Doubts

My investigation into problems on my small computer network is deepening. As soon as I apparently fix one leak another springs up.

I have reviewed the chrome problems and noticed a few weird things (like pop ups trying to encourage software installs). I started to suspect some of the add-ins and chrome apps I had loaded (but mainly haven’t used). So I deleted chrome on the effected machines and re-installed it a fresh. Trouble is once you log in with your google account it picks up the previous settings. Still chrome is behaving now, and I will get rid of extension, apps and add-ins I don’t used (some time soon).

My other suspicion was at least some of these problems are related to was a virus, but my virus scans are up to date and came up all clear. All except my windows desktop which clams windows imagedefender has been turned off by “group” policy. At the moment I can not find anyway to turn it back on.

The biggest niggling doubt is on my main desktop computer. Every time I restart the computer I get a swarm of windows notifications that “an app default” had to be reset. Which app? Why so many? And bugger now edge is behaving weirdly! How do I delete Edge?

Strangest of all I’ve quadruple checked and none of my windows machines has got the anniversary version of windows 10 yet!

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