Sunday, May 08, 2016

Right Place, Right Time … now where is the camera?

I was visiting the New Eastland and there was a lot of special entrainment in each of the mall. These performers dressed in complete black where standing like statues and then moving in an elaborate synchronized dance. Wonderfully creative photo opportunity, but where was my DSLR?

Black Statues come to life

However most of us always have a smartphone in our pocket. So I pulled out my LG Android and suddenly there was a crowd all filming on their smart phones, making it a little difficult to get in the prime position for the best composition. So please excuse the clutter and people in the backgrounds.

The Dance  The Dance  The Dance

I have the flickr app on my phone so it also loads the phone capture up to flickr, as private, once I have WiFi connection. Which is a nice feature however when I went to straighten the images in aviary (ie within flickr) I was surprised to find there was no small adjustment rotation, aka straightening tool). These may not be wonderful photos but the are great figure gesture sketch reference photos.

gesture sketchgesture sketchgesture sketch

The moral of the story is, don’t miss a good photo opportunity, if you don’t have your regular camera hand use your camera phone.

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