Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Failing Light, a Collage & a Clone Painting

Melbourne’s weather is notorious for its changeability, and the past week or so has been see-sawing between strong winds, rain and perfect sunshine. This afternoon the rain cleared and there was some fantastic low angle light so I grabbed my camera and headed into Jells Park.A Series of Bracketed RAW filesHowever as I arrived the dark clouds rushed over head and the air chilled. It didn't rain but I almost missed the good light. Still I did take a few bracketed sets.HDR Images in Joiner style collageWhilst the individual RAW file looked pretty ordinary I was able to get decent HDR images, using After Shot Pro 2 HDR merge directly on the RAW files with a little local tone mapping. They make a nice collage and  fine stitched panorama, (not shown). But the colouring inspired some further experimentation with Corel Painter Essentials 5. This is somewhere between a filtered photo and a clone painting, having partial layers of each and it does capture the drama of the end of the day.

Halfway between a Phone & a Clone Painting

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