Sunday, January 03, 2016

When RAW+jpeg comes in handy

There are times when shootng RAW + jpeg really pays off. I have been attempting some night photography (there was an outside chance of seeing auroa australis but it was cloudy, so nothing) and the camera was still on 1600 ISO and fully open (low F stop). So when I took a photo on the beach in the bright midday sun it was not surprisingly it was burnout. Picasa tried hard to correct it but I figured it was an opportunity to see how onOne 10 handled an overexposed RAW file (a .CR2 in this case). It did reasonable well, I used the Autotone fix in the basic enhance filter and pull back the saturation slider a bit. next was the decision about where to striaghten on the vertical post of the sign or the horizon. The horizon won.

20160103 danger
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