Saturday, January 30, 2016

More Windows 10 photo mis-adventures

imageI was starting to think that staying with windows10 on my laptop would be ok yet another windows 10 funny showed up. If I clicked on an image file, rather than display that file I just an error message like the one on the right. What the?

Back to the forums, damn so much bad advice. Microsoft you have to do something about this confusion, Of course I gave up and started to look at file association, and low and behold the photos are now associated with somethiong I can’t find. TWINUI back to the forums and I did discover it means Tablet Windows UI, Ok My laptop is not a tablet? The forums posts are mainly about viewing PDFs so I figured this is about changing the default file association.


Fullscreen capture 1292016 112828 PMChanging file association is pretty simple once you know that is the issue. I decided picasa photo viewer might be a safer option than relying on either of microsoft’s Picture Veiwer or Windows Photo Viewer any more. I could have confidently used or even Corel photo paint. Just use whatever you have confidence in.

Finally a word of warning about the TWINUI program, where ever and what ever it is, seems to be associated with a lot of extension, many not images format I am familiar with, so it is best to leave those and only change them when you are sure which is the right program to use,

This is another FAIL microsoft

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