Saturday, February 07, 2015

PhotoProject :: Coot Colour

The Eurasian coot [Fulica atra], is very much just Black and White, Ok it has a Red eye. This image of one swimming close in a very muddy Jell’s Park Lake (from heavy rains a couple of weeks back) looks very drab in the out of camera raw view, with just the very basic lightroom rendering undertaken as the image is loaded (and in fact most RAW images tend to look this way)

RAW file straight out of camera

RAW from Lightroom with tonal adjustments

Basic Tonal Adjustments

_IGP1653 from RAW _IGP1653-3 Lightroom's basic tonal adjustment panel

*Whilst these are RAW images they must be rendered as JPEG to be viewed on the web and been Exported from lightroom as sRGB

Only a little bit of adjustment was required to lift the detail, and remove the flatness but the colour of the muddy water just doesn’t appeal to me. So I figured it was a good time to experiment with a more artist palette slant on the colour and some colourful way to lift this image.

Picasa Saturation Boost

Paint.Net Inverse Colour then Hue Slider & Inverse Colour Again

Cross Processing in Perfect Effects

yellow Green Blue
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