Monday, February 09, 2015


I have just watched the film Mr. Turner and it is something any photographer should see (its longish) because it does pay homage in a visual way to Turner’s love of light, between his many eccentricities.
One scene that particularly appealed was when Turner first encounters a camera, and his questioning of the photographer. Then his despondence that future artists might just be carrying a box to record a landscape, rather than sketching paint box and their own endeavours to put "truth to nature" (Ruskin’s words rather than Turner’s).
It got me thinking that photographers need to re-learn the importance of a sketch, as a step towards a final work. I’ll be doing a few more posts on this topic but a perfect way to start is a series of videos by Mike Chaplin put together by the Tate gallery. They cover the key aspect of developing the sketch, Line, Tone & Colour

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