Friday, January 09, 2015

Sharing outside the bubble, that is google+

Example of the google+ share dialogue
Despite all the claims google+ make about how easy it is to share photos. When you you press that big green share button, and even with the To line set to the green public option. By public share google really only mean easy to share within the bubble of those that belong to google+ (or more suspiciously places google may choose to share your photograph, such as in searches and maps if you have locations embedded in the photo). That everywhere in the pop-up, should read everywhere google wants. Also even if you limit the share to specific people or circles, if they click +1, then their followers can see the work also.

If you want to share you photo to the wider world its really not obvious how to do it. Here are three ways that seem to work for me. First you need to share the photo on google+, then go to that post.

Get a URL link

Embedded Post

1. Get the Link by right clicking on the date stamp then selecting the copy link address in the drop down option list.  3. If you look on the upper right hand side of the post there is a small down arrow icon, clicking on it brings up and option menu and the embedded code option .
2. You can also click on the dates stamp of the post itself, and then copy the URL address from your browsers address bar.
Where to find the the URL link address Where to find the embed code
The Embed cose must be pasted into your desired place to postHowever these methods are tedious, and really discourage me from using google+ photo. I’m not so interested in just getting a URL, because that doesn’t let me easily display the photo. The embed code is of more desirable. The really interesting part is that you can paste this HTML embed code into blogger and it will not display in their compose mode of their standard post editor but it is displayed in google+ format on blogger itself (see the insert in this post at the top). All the same none of these methods appeal to me.
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