Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Was Creative Cloud to Blame?

Lightroom on my studio computer has suddenly developed a horrible server busy errors and any time I tried to run lightroom on that computer I just an endless series of switch to or retry messages. I had to use Task Manger to end task to escape the cycle. I hadn't loaded any new software but I suspected I must have some sort of malware problems but I try as I might I could not find any evidence of anything like that. I was contemplating reinstalling lightroom and decided to setup the lastest beta version of LRB5.2, alas this beta version won't run on windows Vista! Then yesterday I actually logged into Creative Cloud for the first time in a month or so and suddenly lightroom was working again?
Does this mean that the creative cloud has taken over ownership of my lightroom even though it is a purchased standalone copy and not one downloaded under the creative cloud subscription? Not sure how I'll test this, perhaps I'll just have not to use the creative cloud app for a month and see if the problem returns?

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