Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Strange Lightroom Happenings

Lightroom on my studio laptop computer is misbehaving again. This time as I restarted lightroom, it wanted to update the catalogue it has already created in LR 4.4, which took a while then it took me through its introductory guide to the screen layout and program feature. As if I was doing a fresh install, which I wasn’t.Then all the folders in the catalogue showed the grey question mark indicating the files were missing, yet they where all there! Using Find missing files required more time but the catalogue seems fine now. Can’t help feeling that some sort of hidden update  has caused this and creative cloud is still my candidate for this mischief, but the plot thickened the next time I started lightroom when I got a warning about my beta test was about to expire, but I was not able to load the LR5.2 beta because the computer is still running Vista! My patience with adobe is being tested.

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