Thursday, March 21, 2013

Purchasing My Photos

In reviewing new apps in the flickr app garden, I saw a link to PrintedArt. They are a USA based photofinishing service that offer direct access to the best available printing technology for a unique, modern display format on materials such as aluminum dibond, acrylic, museum mounts and canvas. As far as I can make out it was in the app garden primarily as a simple way to order your own version high end prints from flickr. . The production costs and shipping are also high end but reasonable within that context for North American and European Purchasers. The service also offer printing via picasa, smugmug and studio sign-up, so I’m expecting it could be very popular with professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. They also offer curated collections for those wishing to purchase “off the wall” photos/art. A very snazzy feature is being able to see the image on your own wall before you purchase, using the augment app on your iphone or android phone. A see it on your wall button helps printout a QR code. Point the phone at the QR Code on wall where you want to hang the photo and using augment reality technology there will be the selected photo scaled and superimposed on your wall for you to assess.
I haven’t filled my PrintedArt Photolab space with lots of images (yet!). However I will start by offering anything from my blog or flickr that you like, for sale through this service, Just email the details and I can set up the photo so you can get it printed at the quality it deserves.
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