Monday, March 18, 2013

An interesting catch 22

end of hotmailI was researching some updates to hotmail/outlook/skydrive, which involved logging into messenger. which is also to be retired soon (8th April) and replaced by skype, and I got this invitation on the right to upgrade to hotmail, which I seldom use and just set up originally to access skydrive. Hotmail is being upgraded to OK, sounds simple!sorryWhat follows is an endless loop of swapping from one message to the other. Even when you select maybe later, you get to see Hotmail for a few seconds then “opportunity to upgrade”" pops up again.

At the moment at least skydrive doesn’t seem to be in the line of change, and the photo folders are still work very nicely. I feel that for the average person it is a very photo friendly solution, particular for those using windows 8. I maintain a small number of albums of photos I want to privately share, or access from whichever computer I’m using. I’ve also found that having a photo scrapbook area, which contains working projects and in-progress photo collections, both in the cloud and at the same time synced across my computers is actually simpler than having to move files around my network myself. Importantly I only have to delete the working copies in one location, and everything gets cleaned up in the background syncing. Unfortunately the new “official” sky drive app for android isn’t compatible with my older wildfire phone, so I haven’t tried that out

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