Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Genie, ….in a box & the nightsky

How about this for a remarkably clever little device.

Thanks to +Trey Ratcliff, at google+ for the heads up on this. You can contact the NZ makers at

I’ve been out a bit the past few nights just hoping for a glimpse of the aurora austarils, as there have been some extreme magnetic storms occurring, the Australian weather bureau actually have a great space weather forecast site. No luck on that aurora front in Melbourne though, but I have managed some interesting long exposures and was even contemplating how to make a time lapse sequence of the night sky. (Now I realize there might be an easier way, with the help of a little genie, plus the near $1,000 price tag!)

Southern Cross as viewed from Venus Bay  Southern Cross as viewed from Melbourne  Southern Cross as viewed from Venus Bay

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norm said...

OPPS, see the warning in the next post about ask toolbar hitch hiking on a java update.
which might occur if you explore the animations on the space weather site. the bureau of meterology site is fine the hitch hiking is in the java update!