Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Trying out the new Flickr Uploadr

imageHave you noticed the NEW flag bedside the Upload item in the main flickr menu. Well I guessed it was past time to find out what it is and what it does. If you’ve used to the old uploadr it is very similar, perhaps faster for multiple drag and drops, but pretty damn similar in functionality. However it is a bit more than that, the uploadr has been re-designed to make it easier to organise and tell the story of your photo as you upload (rather than after its loaded), specify an email address of those you specifically want to share the photo with (this is new) and higher upload limit per month (free users get a new 30MB and PRO users 50MB per month). The layout is very similar to the flickr organizr and it strikes me this would make bulk uploads a whole lot easier. However before you get too excited, you should note that the beta version (which it is currently) is limited to a maximum of 100 photos in a single session. Further if you where trying to upload your highest res images that 100 photos could be more than twice your monthly allowance! Ok make that 100 smaller thumbnails!

Speaking of sharing your photos another less obvious new addition in flickr, is attributed sharing to Pintrest. Attribute sharing is flickr’s take on the importance of tracing back to the original source (and owner of the photo). So that when someone “pins” your photo there is a link that takes the viewer back to your photostream, regardless where it is pinned from. So your photo isn’t lost among the thousands of “stollen” images that are blindly copied, posted and reposted each day, with no way for a legitimate appreciative viewer to trace it back to you. I suspect this will make those photographers, worried about being pinned on pintrest, much more likely to use flickr for all of their public posts from now on.
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