Friday, May 25, 2012

The Social Media mess

Here are a couple of great graphics that nicely show the complexity of the social medial market, its tools, services and platforms. It doesn’t surprise me that Zunkerman is already being sued by angry shareholders. If you look at the graphic carefully you will see although facebook does have a strong presence, it does not “own the social media” market, as has been widely touted on the media recently. In reality it is just one of many competing services. Just maybe the inner few within facebook know this and is why they tried to cash in so soon, just bringing further truth to the common view that IPO actually stands for I’ll P!ss Off (with your money).

The graphic on the right is the general market and the left one the mobile/smartphone market. if you click on either the graphics you will be taken to the original business insider articles and as access to larger views of the images. I do note Pintrest and Google+ don’t appear to have made it into the graphics, so what else is missing, so remember this is not the full complexity of the story!

Sharing photos with you friends is an important aspect of these social networks, particularly at the mobile level and buried deep in there and will undoubted be the subject of further posts in here.

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