Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kodak Gallery, soon to be now more

As part of Kodak's restructuring, their Kodak branded Web Kodak Gallery Service has been sold to Shutterfly, another existing and well used on-line photo service. Any photos or projects still active in the Kodak Gallery will be available only until 2nd July. After that Shutterfly will email instructions (it will be a mass copying of files to the Shutterfly site but I can find no more details on this step yet) on how to transition/move into Shutterfly. If you have photos in a Kodak Gallery (and I was surprised I still did) or just want to find a few more details of the transition, click here. As a bonus Kodak gallery are offering a 25% discount to existing customers during May

Kodak once the household name for film photography, and their marketing tag line a “Kodak Moment” was once wisely use for that precious memories often found within a candid snapshot. They have not found the transition into the digital age very easy.

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