Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Green is That?


Whilst in England I puzzled by the difference in the English greens and how to mix them. I’d guessed it has a lot to do with the light, which is much harsher in Australia, but the types of vegetation probably has more influence. The northern hemisphere is dominated by deciduous (new world) plants whereas Australia is almost exclusively evergreen (old world) plant species. The manner in which these two plant groups mobilize their chlorophyll is probably very different and might explain some of the difference. The Australian leaf above, an evergreen, certainly contains a range of greens, pity is obviously sick.

So now here is my quiz for you. Can you tell which photos are from Spring in South Gippsland (Australia) and which are from Autumn in Norfolk (England)?

Lower Tarwin, South GippslandNorfolk Broads, EnglandNorfolk Broads, EnglandNear Dilham, Norfolk, England Afternoon Shadows, Venus Bay, Australia

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