Monday, September 05, 2011

The Daring Teddies of Honing

IMGP6479-1The whistle blows, and another valiant aeronaut leaps (or was that pushed or just drops) from the very top of the church tower. The first few float down. Now danger, as a chute only half opens. Plop, bounce and silence. Such a hard landing, the nice lady in the fluoro-yellow vest runs out and teddy is lifted onto a stretcher and whisked away.The whistle is blowing again and another teddy descends, full open chute this time and the cheeky wind pushes him off coarse and over the hedgerow. More and more teddies are drifting in their descent with the strengthening breeze. Some get caught in the cross wind and are bumped rudely down the fling wall. More stretcher bearers appear and the crowd sighs relief amongst the laughter and cheering. More and more teddies appear two at a time now. The wind is still playing tricks and one particularly little teddy is taken high and lands atop a nearby tree (one Teddy may not be getting home tonight). The winning parachutists lay patiently, silent beside the target. The wind blows harder and three whistles signal the end of the Teddy air show today.


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